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A trip to the Big Apple simply wouldn't be complete without tickets to one of the city's famous events. Whether your interests lie with the game being played at Yankee Stadium or the performance currently showing at the Lincoln Center, Academy Tickets can put you in front row seats.

We provide a wide selection of event tickets for the best shows, concerts, and sporting events New York has to offer.

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New York City boasts some of the best sports, theater, and musical performances to be found anywhere in the world. On our site, you'll find tickets for all of the following event types:

  • Concerts - Immerse yourself in your favorite music at a concert. Browse our concerts page by musical genre to find performances by your favorite bands and musicians.
  • Sports and racing - Witness the pinnacle of human endurance and ingenuity when you attend a world-class sports game or racing event.
  • Theater - Enjoy classic and new breakthrough shows alike on iconic Broadway stages. We offer tickets to both traditional stage plays and musical performances.

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As a ticket seller, Academy Tickets strives to connect you directly with the entertainment available in New York. We keep our selection of events as current and cutting edge as possible so that you can find the perfect event to complete your evening or vacation.

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